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About us

Silver means elegance and style, nobility and aristocracy, purity, and sophistication. It's a metal designed to make dreams come true and frame what is truly precious, i.e. your personality. While creating our jewelry, we strive to combine traditions of working with this delicate and ductile metal, and the latest fashion trends, deep symbolism of Russian culture, and the best world trends.


Two decades ago, in 2001 to be precise, a group of jewelers created their own production of silver products, i.e. the Privolzhsky Jeweler factory.

During this time, tens of thousands of jewelry and silver souvenirs have been created. Our silver earrings with cubic zirconia delight thousands of beauties. Pearl brooches and necklaces have become adornments of hundreds of brides and businesswomen. Silver rings and bracelets, including those with precious and semiprecious stones, catch the eye on the hands of confident, sophisticated ladies and gentlemen, and silver flatware given as gifts for christenings, housewarming parties, or anniversaries brings good luck and prosperity to hundreds of families.

All of these are not just silver items, they preserve good feelings, the best memories, and family heirlooms that unite generations.

For 20 years we have been creating a silver fairy tale. We are a team of jewelers, designers, craftsmen, and other highly professional specialists of the Privolzhsky Jeweler™ factory. The head of the factory is Andrey Konstantinovich Uvakin. In 2008, Andrey Konstantinovich joined the factory as a manager, and 10 years later he took over the production and became the CEO.

Our "Privolzhsky Jeweler" factory is not only about production. This is also about creativity. Sometimes it seems that the word "impossible" does not exist for our designers and jewelers. When many jewelry companies focus on one field, for example, they work only with precious stones or pearls, the specialists of the Privolzhsky Jeweler create completely different stunning pieces. The partners with whom our company has been working for many years have long appreciated our impressive and constantly expanding range of not only jewelry and souvenir products, but also services for the processing and restoration of items made of various metals and alloys. It is great to see that more and more people are buying our silverware, wholesalers are returning quickly for new goods, and companies are ordering special collections.

I am grateful to you, our friends and customers, for your attention, approval, your love for our products, positive reviews, and sales figures that speak for themselves. All of this lets us develop rapidly and create more and more new jewelry designs. It gives strength, inspiration, and the ability to create.

Today the Privolzhsky Jeweler™ is a jewelry manufacturer known both in Russia and abroad.

The Privolzhsky Jeweler is a well-established participant in industry jewelry exhibitions both Russian and international ones. It repeatedly became a diploma winner of the International Exhibition of Jewelry and Watch Brands "New Russian Style" in the nomination "Leading Russian manufacturer of silver jewelry."

We offer you the widest range of products. More than 3000 unique designs of 925 silver jewelry with insets not only from precious stones, cubic zirconia, and pearls but also from semi-precious stones, i.e. from agate to jasper, from aquamarine to amber. Set in silver, each mineral reveals its beauty and strength. A wide range of galvanic plating helps to make your silver jewelry unique and more durable, i.e. rhodium plating, two-layer gold plating, oxidation (blackening), silver plating with a 999.99 purity, platinum plating, and others.


All of our work is done using the latest Italian equipment. The multi-stage control system allows us to be absolutely confident in the quality of our products, therefore, an unlimited warranty is provided for each product of the Privolzhsky Jeweler factory.


Every year our designers develop about 500 new product designs for mass production. If you do not find what you are looking for among all the variety of our jewelry, we are always ready to produce silver jewelry or souvenirs for you. According to your drawing, we will create a 3D model and use the casting method to produce a piece of jewelry or even a collection of jewelry of your dreams, as we do for such companies as Sunlight, Adamas, Trading House Yuvelirochka, and others.


You can buy our products wholesale and retail at the most comfortable prices in the company's store, as well as to buy them in the online store. When ordering production, there is an additional discount from 5 to 10%, depending on the batch size.


We will deliver your order using courier service of your choice anywhere in the country.


The Privolzhsky Jeweler factory provides charitable support to the sports section SETOKAN KARATE-DO in the city of Privolzhsk. Every month, young athletes receive financial help to purchase the necessary equipment, participate in competitions, and, we are sure, thanks to their perseverance and talent, they will bring not only silver, but also gold medals to their hometown.

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