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Basic definitions

1. Buyer is a physical person or a legal entity intending to order or purchase goods, or ordering, purchasing, or using goods for personal and other needs (related to conducting a business) who has placed an Order on the website. Or a physical person or a legal entity specified in the Order as the recipient of the Goods.

2. Registered Buyer is a Buyer who has provided the Seller with personal information (surname, name, patronymic, e-mail address, phone number), which can be used to place an Order several times. This information is provided when placing an Order.

3. Seller is an organization, regardless of its organizational and legal form, as well as an Individual Entrepreneur who sells goods.

4. Online store is a website where a registered Buyer can become familiarized with the offered Products, their descriptions and prices, select a specific Product, method of payment and delivery, send an Order by e-mail, or place an Order by phone.

5. Product (Goods) are an object of purchase and sale (item), not retained and not limited in civil commerce, and offered for sale in the online store by being placed in the appropriate section of the online store.

6. Order is a Buyer's request for the purchase and delivery (to the address specified in the request) of the Products selected in the online store. The Order is made in electronic form in the online store. The Buyer sends the Order via the Internet and/or communicates it to the Seller by phone 8 (800) 23-45-925.

7. Delivery service is a legal entity and/or an individual entrepreneur providing services for the delivery of Orders to Buyers under an agreement with the Seller.

8. OOO Privolzhsky Jeweler owns the website pjew.ru.

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